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Attilio Rossi, 1922 - 2020

An example of life, love for his family, dedication to work, to his company, employees and collaborators.
He left us during the night. In a moment of emergency that will not allow us to pay him tribute.
However, who had the pleasure to know him, he will honour the memory in their soul and celebrate his existence in their life.

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GCF: our History

GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie S.p.A. was founded in 1950 as a sole proprietor company by Attilio and Luigi Rossi and specialized in railway infrastructures. It became a limited company (S.r.l.) in the early 1980s and an equity company (S.p.A.) in 1990. Today, Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie is the parent company of the Rossi Group.

Dedication to the mission and attention to technological innovation, experience and innovation capacity backed up by the company’s progressive growth to the point of earning a leading role in the implementation of renewals and rehabilitations, as well as in the construction of new conventional and high speed/capacity lines.

The recent years

The last few years have been particularly important for GCF’s development.

Significant investments in high production efficiency machinery and technology, organization and training and specialization of human resources, the acquisition of important companies and enterprises operating in fields such as infrastructures (Valditerra), electric traction and signalling (Frate Elettroimpianti, Bonciani) have brought into GCF tools, skills and know-how enabling the company to implement integrated projects and turnkey contracts in railway, metro and tram sectors.
The services offered in terms of organization and speed of execution, quality management and strict compliance with safety standards ensure that GCF embodies excellence and be a reliable supplier for all major Italian and European clients and an ideal partner for integrated and comprehensive projects.

2023: The new Governance Structure

In view of the growth, production commitment and responsible role played nationally and internationally, and in an effort to further improve corporate performance with a focus on organizational and management structures, at the end of July 2023, during the Shareholders' Meetings, both G.C.F. S.p.A. and GEFER S.p.A. resolved to strengthen corporate governance by opting for a three-member board of directors.

For the 2023-2025 fiscal years, Tiziano Onesti has been appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors with responsibility for institutional relations, in Italy and abroad; Donato Maria Pezzuto has been given responsibility for legal affairs, compliance and Internal Audit; and Giuseppe Brecciaroli has been delegated the role of Executive Director. Tiziano Onesti and Donato Maria Pezzuto meet the requirements of independent directors..

The revision of the entire corporate organization goes in the direction of a more precise allocation of roles and responsibilities, with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency and strengthening the internal control system - even more guaranteed with the appointment of independent directors - with a view to further consolidating the leadership position in the railway sector by focusing on technological innovation and economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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