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GCF at the International Exhibition for Track Technology

The GCF stand at the IAF in Münster

An international showcase for GCF at the 27th IAF

New generation machinery and technologies on a scale of 1:1. Plus the chance for decision makers to come face to face with the top companies in railway construction - GCF for Italy - and their latest technical and operational innovations used in the construction, renewal and maintenance of railway infrastructures.e.

Now in its 27th edition, the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF) - sponsored by the German Ministry of Transport - is the most important showcase in the railway industry..

Over 200 exhibitors from 18 different countries will be taking part. The exhibition area which has been set up for the fifth year running in Münster is impressive: three halls extend over 15,000 square metres of covered space to accommodate stands, conference rooms and meeting areas as well as 6,000 square metres of external space for machinery, equipment, materials and devices for the railway industry. There are also over 3 kilometres of railway line to house the latest innovative and impressive construction and renewal trains made by the top international names in the industry including Plasser & Theurer, Robel, Matisa, Cemafer, Vossloh, Kraiburg Strail, Speno, SRS Sistema Ferroviario, Scheuchzer, Kinshofer, Goldschmidt Thermit, Harsco Rampa, Autech and Liebherr.
It is an exhibition on a "scale of 1:1", as it was presented by the organisers during the opening ceremony which highlighted the unique chance that visitors have of seeing a spectacular array of machinery and equipment which are exactly the same as those used in the railway construction industry.

However, the IAF is not just an exhibition of machinery, equipment and materials. Its innovative content is also, or perhaps mainly, based on services, techniques and new operating procedures implemented by the companies to improve performance and results in the railway construction and renewal sectors.
It is a showcase of diverse experiences and an opportunity on a global scale for company representatives, big construction companies, research and innovation sectors, on the one hand, and European and non-European decision makers, on the other, to meet.
"It is a very important event for GCF", Giuseppe Brecciaroli, GCF Management, explained, "because it offers an opportunity to tell our story and demonstrate solutions based on our experience in the field to an audience of international players who see Made in Italy as a benchmark for the entire railway construction industry."

In the photo above, from left to right: Alessandro Rossi, Chairman of TransAlp Renouvellement; Maurizio Gentile, RFI Managing Director and General Director; Edoardo Rossi, Chairman of GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie; Umberto Lebruto, Head of RFI Production Department.
Gallery: International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF) 2017

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