The Monte Ceneri Tunnel - an innovative worksite

GCF innovation at the Monte Ceneri worksite

GCF machines and procedures for the Monte Ceneri track.

GCF's work on the railway track in the Monte Ceneri Base Tunnel features specially designed machines and innovative solutions.
This has been highlighted by the magazine "Strade e Autostrade" which, in the latest September/October issue, dedicated a special article to GCF's worksite in Switzerland and drew attention to the unique engineering solutions adopted at the site which is a vital stage of the NFTA project.

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Ceneri MX08 concrete mixer wins best railway innovation award

Use of the MX08 for the Ceneri Tunnel railway track

Ditecfer gives an award to the MX08 concrete mixer used by GCF at the Monte Ceneri Tunnel.

A prestigious award goes to the MX08, one of the innovative machines used by GCF on the railway track in the Monte Ceneri Base Tunnel.
The award is given as part of the Ditecfer Railway Contest 2017, an event promoted by the Railway Technological District of Tuscany which, for the third year running, was open to all companies based in Italy who have developed their innovations in the railway sector in our country.

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First track laid in the Ceneri Tunnel

Monte Ceneri Tunnel: railway track work gets under way

Work on Monte Ceneri Base Tunnel track officially gets under way.

With a press conference and visit to the Camorino site on Thursday 27 July, AlpTransit Gotthard AG formally began the first stage of the Railway Technology batches that have been assigned to Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie.
A true "handing-over ceremony" took place over a week ago when the Condotte-Cossi Group delivered the Monte Ceneri Tunnel to its client, Alp Transit, the company that holds a 100% stake in the Swiss Federal Railways.

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