Suite Rapide moves closer to its goal with its two C5 work sites

GCF Suite Rapide sites

Renewal work is in full swing for the last work sites in 2018

Another 160 kilometres of renewal work for the last two GCF work sites in France. Work on the fifth work site for 2018 has begun over the last few days in both Lots 2 and 3 of the TransalpRenouvellement consortium. It is now in full swing and involves two powerful Suite Rapide convoys recently boosted by the purchase of high performing trains and machinery.

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Track renewal in Suite Rapide: GCF hits the 1,000 mark

GCF: first 1,000 km of Suite Rapide

In France the Rossi Group has renewed over 1,000 kilometres of track

Over 1,000 kilometres of completely renewed railway line. GCF's summer in France has reached a significant landmark for the made in Italy Suite Rapide.
With a series of 22 sites – starting with the Pau Dax one in 2013 – on 35 sections of the French railway network, the Rossi Group, head of the Transalp Renouvellement Consortium, has delivered 1,078 kilometres of new track – by replacing rails and sleepers – and 1,094 kilometres of cleaned ballast to SNCF, the French national railway company in just under six years.
All this has been done at a rate of 1,000 metres per day as outlined in the Suite Rapide protocol, the "fast lane" of the French railway network General Renewal Plan.

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New trains and machinery for the French Suite Rapide

From GCF, a new Matisa P95 for the Suite Rapide programme

On-site testing for the new high efficiency train

A month of tests for the new Suite Rapide train in the French Department of Oise in Picardy. At the Beauvais depot, 80 kilometres to the north of Paris, the new trains and machinery that GCF has purchased by itself or with the Transalp Renouvellement Consortium, appear on a sort of railway "red carpet". Almost 80 million euros have been invested in an innovative, super efficient second Suite Rapide train.

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