Railway renewal 2019: over 250 km in 8 months

Suite Rapide: works in progress

Excellent performances for the two Suite Rapide trains in France

The works of Lot 2 of Suite Rapide, involved along line 655,000 Bordeaux - Saint Jean Irun for the total renewal of almost 70 km of railway line, have resumed at full pace after the two weeks holiday in mid-August.

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Suite Rapide: a construction site in images

Photo report of Suite Rapide activity in Libourne

The lenses of Tony Daoulas, SNCF Réseau’s photographer, capture a series of photographs that tell the work phases of one of GCF - Transalp Renouvellement’s Suite Rapide construction sites. Opened in mid March and managed by Arthur Heine, the site had the goal to fully restore line 629000 in the section between the stations of the reference cities: Libourne and Bergerac.

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