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Suite Rapide, C2-L3 towards the conclusionSuite Rapide

Suite rapide working in Aquitania

Restored also Saint Benoît – Vivonne section

Last week of work for the second construction site of Lot 3 of Suite Rapide, before a long break that, until the end of June, will allow Amiens’ site to provide maintenance services on vehicles and equipment.

After completing the works on Nantes - La Roche sur Yon section, where over 74 km of restored and renovated railway were delivered, GCF-Transalp’s high-efficiency train moved ten days ago to Poiters where a logistic base was set up for the new construction site.

The activity C2-L3 (second construction site of 2019 for Lot 3 of Suite Rapide) has the task to fully restore by June 10th, a section of 13 km of the Paris-Bordeaux line, between Saint Benoît and Vivonne stations.

“It is a construction site – explains Sabino Carbonewhich does not boast particular criticalities. The renewal train and ballast cleaner are replacing tracks and sleepers without obstacles, in addition to sift the stones and rebuild the screed, in compliance with production standards established for Suite Rapide interventions”.

The double track section is supplied at 1500V in direct current and will allow a maximum speed of 190 km/h. The renovation works concern track 1, between km sections 341+189 and 354+940. The activity will be concluded in ten days, as scheduled.

Then, taking advantage of the first break from the beginning of the new construction site, trains and high-production machines that make up the latter will undergo the usual strict maintenance program- essential for operational efficiency and above all, in terms of safety – to which the machinery of GCF - Transalp’s Suite rapide train working on Lot 2, were already subjected.

Below and opening: airborne picture of Suite Rapide train working in Libourne-Bergerac construction site.

GCF SuiteRapide L3-C2

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