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Suite Rapide’s summer construction site begins in Amiens

Suite Rapide supported by the new B45 tamping machine

A new B45 adds to GCF’s high-efficiency train

In northern France, along railway line 321000 Amiens Rouen, in between Picardy and Upper Normandy, the summer construction site of GCF’s Suite Rapide - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie - opens up.

The train that will reach the new base in Longueau is currently being built, just south of Amiens, where the tracks and new slippers depots are being setup, as well as the parking areas for Matisa P95 renewal train, the powerful C75 ballast cleaner, R21 profiling and B45 tamping machines, the latter two already in operation, and the brand new machine purchased by GCF arriving from Brescia.

The renewal works will concern just slightly less than 40 km of railway line along the double-track section that allows a maximum transit speed of 140 km/h.
The Renewal Train will begin the works on the 1st of July, followed two days later by the ballast cleaner. The Suite Rapide train will run from Amiens towards Rouen, working track 1 from progressive section 11+904 until km46+900. From here, in inverse direction, it will work track 2 from km 69+190 until progressive section 11+765. The main works will take place during the day with breaks from 8:32 am from 5:29 p.m. and will continue for 10 weeks, until September. Another three weeks will be necessary to complete complementary and finishing works.

The Safety and Health protection plan, elaborated in the finest details and submitted to SNCF’s management, foresees particular risk assessment and precaution measures due to the presence of numerous level crossings along the railway line, in addition to a tunnel, a viaduct and a power cable line on the edge of the railway, that will require the adoption of safety and precaution measures.

“The purpose and method according to which compelling construction sites are operated, like railway sites - explains GCF’s French Management - is to avoid risks, as much as possible, and evaluate the best safety measures to deal with the risks that cannot be avoided. Each work station, as well as each equipment and procedure, is evaluated and designed to adapt works to operators, for example by trying to limit repetitive and monotonous operations that may have negative consequences on the health”.

The new Matisa B45 arriving from Italy, is ready to assist with the works of the French twin machines

GCF MatisaB45 01
GCF MatisaB45 02
GCF MatisaB45 03
GCF MatisaB45 04
GCF MatisaB45 06