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Covid-19: a new ward at Gemelli Hospital

New ward at Gemelli with GCF’s funds

465,000 Euros donated from GCF’s subscription.

Fifth week for the solidarity marathon launched by Rossi Group in favour of Policlinico Gemelli. The subscription among employees and suppliers of the Group’s railway companies, GCF and Gefer, allowed collecting 465,000 Euros as of today. This sum will allow Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli to purchase the technological equipment of the new ward of pneumological sub-intensive therapy dedicated to Covid patients.

This is indeed the last step in the series of numerous and important measures taken by Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli to face the health emergency of coronavirus.

“The construction of the ward - explains Dr. Annia Lucina Della Penna from Policlinico Gemelli - is required to admit positive patients who need to be hospitalized in order to undergo surgical therapeutic treatments. Your commitment and the commitment of your employees and suppliers really touches us and supports us, thus making it possible to implement the necessary measures and we are hopeful because we know that all our efforts are supported by your solidarity”.

In Lazio Region, as in the rest of the Country, the Covid pandemic requires to gather the best efforts and equipment in order to foresee containment measures of the virus, to assist suspected cases and to treat ill patients. Starting from the transformation of Presidio Columbus – structure managed by Policlinico Gemelli – at Covid Regional Hospital, as decreed on March 6th by the President of Lazio Region, to support the Regional Hub- Spallanzani Hospital.
In two weeks, Presidio Columbus was fully setup to admit and treat patients with Covid-19, adding 50 units for a total of 80 single beds for hospitalizations linked to infections, pneumonology and internal medicine and adding 21 beds for a total of 60 beds for intensive therapy. In the meantime, the Fondazione has activated every channel to supply a great quantity of personal protection equipment on a regular basis and opened the Covid-19 research Ward, an inter-disciplinary team that studies the coronavirus in order to develop reliable and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

A considerable effort in terms of human resources and economic investments; a daily laborious work that showed the abnegation and courage of doctors, nurses, medical operators; a courageous challenge that Rossi Group wanted to support and embody with a private donation from the Rossi family and with the direct commitment to engage its companies and the entire railway sector in this solidarity initiative. As of today, during the five weeks of the “solidarity marathon”, about 465,157 Euros were collected and donated to Policlinico Gemelli: 38,280 Euros donated in the last 15 days.

Thanks to the contribution of GCF, the Rossi family, GCF’s and Gefer’s employees and suppliers, professionals and partners of the railway construction sectors- Fondazione Gemelli is now able to renew its efforts in the fighting the Coronavirus: Policlinico Gemelli will open a new ward of pneumological sub-intensive therapy for Covid patients.

In particular, GCF’s donation will allow purchasing the technological equipment of the ward, financing the acquisition of echographs for abdominal-thorax exams, non-invasive ventilation systems, a portable system for digital radiography and patient monitoring systems with relative centralized equipment.
“In such a dramatic time - states convinced Edoardo Rossi, President of Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie when re-launching the subscription - solidarity is a primary ethic duty. Resuming, even if gradually, a normal existence in terms of life first and then production, depends on how we will all be able to support the efforts of those who work in the front lines”.

Every contribution is precious: everybody can offer their support by donating on Deutsche Bank IT89V0310403223000000820148 in the name of GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie, indicating as reason “GCF Covid-19”.

Every Tuesday, the amount collected during the week will be devolved to Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli.

Let’s do it from our heart.

bank account n. IT89V0310403223000000820148

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