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GCF and Gefer are restarting at full pace

Reopening after Covid for GCF

The railway construction sites are now open, under safety measures.

GCF’s and Gefer’s opened their construction sites all over Italy, after the works were suspended due to the Coronavirus. After one week from the end of the lockdown, all the activities of Rossi Group in the railway installing, electrification, signalling and optic fibre sectors have resumed. Focus is now shifted to production and health protection.

During the weeks of lockdown- only some important maintenance construction sites remained opened to continue offering the railway public transport service, which was one of the essential services according to law- the Group’s companies, Generale Costruzione Ferroviarie and Gefer implemented all possible efforts to re-organize the resumption of works, in such a way to guarantee the safety of the workers, combining production efficiency with health protection.

“Safety measures - explains the Management in Rome - have been foreseen, with the purchase of significant quantities of personal protection equipment, implementation of strict safety protocols, training of workers and employees on the new operating methods in order to minimize the risk factors for the health and ensure a prudent and long-term resumption of the works”.

Numerous measures and procedures have been adopted in each construction site to fight the pandemic, in order to ensure the cleaning and sanitisation of shared areas, personal and work equipment and to help the workers to fully understand the measures implemented and above all, assist them during the complex phase of acquisition of the new habits and work practices to protect themselves and their teams.

 Many training courses were offered online in the last few weeks to site managers and executives, to uniform and share protocols and guidelines. Many hours were dedicated in each site, since May 4th, to describe and test the new health practices with each production division. A new challenge that will mark the next few months.

“Nonetheless - reassures Edoardo Rossi, GCF’s President - the Group’s companies are taking measures to protect the health of the workers operating on railway networks, in construction sites and offices. There are numerous complex situations that we are facing with the re-opening, however, if everybody collaborates, we are certain to be able to face the restart phase focusing on production geared to protect the health and develop a model that will be soon applied also in our foreign sites”.