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GCF deepens its roots in France

GCF consolidates itself as prime group in France

The acquisition of Delcourt group was concluded successfully

Perfected in the last few weeks, the acquisition transaction by GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie of Delcourt Group, famous ‘’signature’’ company operating in the French railway sector, was concluded successfully. The strategic transaction falls within the progressive consolidation project establishing the presence of Rossi Group on the market across the Alps.

Delcourt Rail, Delcourt Group's leading company, specialized in railway building and maintenance, with its 230 employees and 41.5 million budget, is an important stakeholder operating in the French railway sector, characterised by a corporate culture built on excellent operating values, rigour and dedication, research and transmission of know-how.

Its acquisition, concluded in recent days, in addition to ensure a consistent dimensional growth for Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie and Gefer, will allow Rossi Group to consolidate the presence on the French market, boost the orders portfolio and improve its ability to respond promptly and reliably to the investment programs promoted in the sector of railway and metropolitan infrastructures.

“This acquisition - underscores Edoardo Rossi, President of GCF Italia – is the result of the constant commitment and strong determination of the Group to invest and operate in France on a stable basis. We have been active on the French market for many years, where we invested our best energies, skills and solutions. We feel to be “French” and this additional piece of the puzzle has the intent to underscore our renewed intention to continue to our role of serious, stable and reliable interlocutors for the main clients and infrastructural development projects”.

The commitment of Rossi Group in France

Since 2011, with the creation of the company under French laws named Transalp Renouvellement, Rossi Group started its activity in France with its three partners Esaf, GTF and Delcourt Rail.

With almost 30,000 km of development, the French railway network is the second in Europe in terms of extension. About 15,000 trains and 5 million people transit on this line every day. This traffic has doubled in the last 15 years.

Within the project “Great Modernisation Plan” (GPMR: Grand Project de Modernisation du Réseau) developed by SNFC (agent of French Railways RFF) to renew about half of the railway network by 2024, GCF-Transalp was awarded in 2013, a first Lot on Suite Rapide 2013-2017 tender, a sort of ‘’quick” highly specialized lane of the renewal plan.

Three years ago, in 2018, Rossi Group, with Transalp, consolidated its presence and leader role in the French market, by being awarded additional sites on the Suite Rapide 2018 - 2024 tender, for about 1,000 million Euros.

From the first site of 2013, in Pau-Dax, to today, GCF-Transalp has delivered to France some 1,300 km of completely renewed tracks thanks to the use of the “Suite Rapide’’ super-sites, which consist of high production efficiency trains and machinery and employee around 350 workers.

With the acquisition of Delcourt Group, GCF is currently aiming at intensifying its commitment also on additional segments of the railway and metropolitan market.

GCF acquires Delcourt Group