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3 stars to Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie

3-star legality rating for GCF

Maximum score for the “legality rating”

Three stars, the maximum score of the Legality Rating. It is the award assigned to GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie by the Competition and Market Authority (Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato -AGCM). An award that is handed out to companies who embody legal and ethical behaviours as daily operational methods.

Implemented since early 2013, the Legality rating is the acknowledgement and stimulation tool, in addition to sanctioning laws that punish illegal conducts and corruption, which Italy relies on in order to reward companies that operate according to ethic principles, transparently and in compliance with laws..

The award, which is valid for two years and indicates the level of legal compliance and correct and ethic conduction of a business, is released by AGCM after verifying the conformity of the company to a large series of binding legal and extra-legal requirements.

“It is an important award of which we are proud - comments Edoardo Rossi, GCF’s President - because it rewards the commitment over the years to build a company that is able to stand out not only in terms of quality of work and the industrial product manufactured for the clients, but also for the organisational processes implemented and operational methods, for the corporate culture that guide us and pushes us to always be better”.

How the Legality Rating is assigned

The minimum reward level, the first star, is reached by complying with all binding legal requirements set forth by law and the implementing Regulation AGCM, Resolution of 12th November 2012 and subsequent amendments: the company shall prove that no personal and/or financial prevention measures, nor precautionary measures were adopted against it, neither it was sentenced for tax crimes, offences concerning health protection and workplace safety, administrative, antitrust offences, illicit business practices, lack of payments of taxes and duties, payroll, contribution and insurance obligations towards employees and collaborators.

Moreover, the company shall prove to operate exclusively through traceable payment instruments, not to have been subject to revocations of public financing, sanctioning provisions by ANAC regarding corruption prevention, transparency and public contracts, not to have received disqualifying anti-mafia notices or information.

The additional stars and each of the two intermediate levels foreseen between a star and the other (marked with one or two +: the levels foreseen by the Rating are seven in total, in order to obtain the maximum level of three stars) are assigned by verifying the compliance of an additional series of “voluntary” conditions that, as set forth by art. 3 of the Regulation, include compliance to legality protocols and agreements aimed at preventing and fighting organized crime, the use of payment tracking systems also for sums lower than those set forth by law, adoption of organizational process that guarantee forms of Corporate Social Responsibility, compliance with ethic and self-regulating codes, adoption of corruption prevention and contrast models, etc...

The benefits brought by the Legality Rating

The attribution of the Legality Rating involves a series of benefits that the Public Administrations and Credit Institutions shall grant to companies, according to the reward system set forth by law, that foresees, with regards to financing by Public Administrations, preferences in classifications, grants of higher scores in relation to the rating, reservation of specific amounts of allocated resources, percentage reduction of the guarantees due in service and supply contracts; with regards to the concession of credit by banks, the award grants the reduction of times and costs for investigation prices and more favourable economic conditions.

Moreover, the Legality Rating and its strict regulations boosted the image and substance of the entire Country, contributing over the years to improve Italy’s ranking in the world classification of the Perception of Corruption drawn up by Transparency International, a classification that saw us going from the 60th place in 2016 (on 176 countries) to the 52nd place in 2020 (on 180), going from the third lowest place to the 20th place among 27 European countries. As of today, 8,974 virtuous companies were awarded the Legality Rating.
The list is public and can be viewed at this link

3-star legality rating for GCF