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Last generation technologies for the Florence Node

GCF’s works for Florence signalling systems

GCF’s contribution to RFI’s project for high-tech signalling

Greeted by Frecciarossa’s hiss entering Campo di Marte, the new modern technological system for railway circulation was put into service in Florence Node, on Sunday November 28th. An excellent result for the project commissioned by RFI that saw involved, first hand, also GCF in the various supply, installation, testing and operating phases of the new devices.

The final activity of the first phase of the project allowed to activate, between Friday and Sunday, in Rovezzano and Firenze Campo di Marte stations, a new Multi-station Computerized Central Device (ACC-M) and a modern Multi-Station Control-Command System (SCCM).
The two modern railway signalling technologies, among the most advanced in the world, will allow to manage railway circulation optimally from the Central Station of Firenze Campo di Marte, with a remarkable improvement of the train’s punctuality and regular service.

“For the activation phase -explains Paolo Lopez, GCF’s project engineer – the organizational effort focused in coordinating 18 specialized teams, supported by the Client and located in the various yards object of the intervention. An effort that allowed to reduce times, despite the bad weather conditions, and to complete the work in advance compared to schedule”.

With regards to the first phase of the works that ended Sunday, GCF’s contribution allowed in recent months, to install the signalling system and execute numerous related works. “In particular – explains Alessandro Sanna, GCF’s technical Director – we installed ACC cabins in Campo di Marte GA1, Campo di Marte GA2 and Rovezzano, we provided to the supplies and installations for the set-up of the yards including the equipment of the various yard sections, and we provided to the supply and installation of FO network between Rovezzano, Campo di Marte, Statuto, Cionfo and Santa Maria Novella stations”.

Specialized workers and GCF’s machinery have also supplied and installed the power systems of the MV/LV Cabin of Rovezzano and three SIAP power systems in the relative technological rooms of Campo di Marte GA1, Campo di Marte GA2 and Rovezzano. “For these last two buildings newly constructed – underscores Alessandro Sannawe used high-energy efficiency materials, doors and windows and, with regards to sustainability, we provided for the three technological buildings, to the supply and installation of last-generation photovoltaic systems”.

Lastly, using low-energy consumption devices, GCF’s workers provided to the supply and installation of lighting and driving force systems, in addition to access control, air conditioning, intrusion and GAS extinguishing systems (CdM GA1) in the buildings. All systems, including the MV/LV cabin of Rovezzano, are monitored by the Central Station of Campo Marte.

The new technological systems not only allow to boost the reliability, capacity and regular services of trains, raising the standards of safety and quality of the railway service, but will also bring benefits in the maintenance processes of the infrastructure thanks to the predictive diagnosis IT systems able to prevent sudden faults.

The activation of the new system – interfaced statically with ERMTS L2 system recently activated on the HV/AC Florence Rome line – constitutes the first, excellent component of the technological boosting program developed for the Florence Node. By next year, we will execute and commission the new ACC systems of Statuto and Firenze Rifredi, while in the third phase, in 2023, we will complete the program with the activation of the new ACC system of Firenze Santa Maria Novella, expanding the coverage of ACCM system of the Node, in this first phase.

“A project – underscores Italferrthat brings the Florence Node to the excellent technological levels already attained in Bologna, Rome and Venezia Mestre, eliminating the outdated, thirty- year old systems and ensuring the regular service of trains with immediate benefits on the final user”.

works for Florence signalling systems

20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 01
20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 02
20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 03
20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 04
20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 06
20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 07
20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 10
20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 11
20211201 GCF Segnalamento Firenze 09