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SNCF: a video to celebrate the challenge won in Allier

SNCF acclaimed for the performances of GCF’s Suite Rapide

Suite Rapide appraised for exceeding expectations

“The challenge was won and exceeded the most optimistic expectations”. Lionel Bordiec, Manager of SNCF in charge of Suite Rapide, wanted to publicly acknowledge the great result in terms of performance, attained by Suite Rapide works that GCF-Transalp has completed a few weeks ago in Allier District.

The challenge was won: against the numerous usual operational risks involved in a “fast renewal” railway site; many specific risks – from a technical and environmental point of view- that involved that site; plus the many additional difficulties that the pandemic posed this year.
A challenge that was won thanks to the efficiency of men and means, also against time that, as it is easy to imagine, in the case of Suite Rapide sites, does not leave large margins of elasticity due to the punctual and absolutely strict schedule.

Suite Rapide sky view

Suite Rapide breaks the record in Allier

For this reason, a construction site that is able to conclude the works 10 days in advance - 3 days earned on the restoring works and 7 days earned on the renewal works – does not go overlooked, not even for sectors that are used to “high-speed performances”, thus being acclaimed by SNCF management that wanted to “record the moment” by producing a photo book and video as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement of all stakeholders that contributed to the excellent production performances.

“In this still image – thanked Manager Lionel Bordiec on behalf of SNCF - we pay tribute to the people involved in this project that, despite of external factors, mourning and global pandemic, have worked tirelessly. This great industrial result comes from the permanent investment that leads our philosophy. It is with great pride and humbleness that I congratulate all of you and thank you for your efforts”.

“With regards to the production performance - commented Bucur-Malita Mircea, manager of GCF’s works, with satisfaction and pride at the end of the works – this is one of the best Suite Rapide sites in recent years".

A Suite that, as confirmed by the same SNCF through manager Bordiec, has raised once again the bar of productivity: “The challenge was won and even exceeded the most optimistic expectations: an average of 360 metres per hour for the renewal and restoring workshop-trains, with a commercial traffic restored at 80 km/h. These 36 km of restored tracks contribute to boost the sturdiness of the French railway network and reduce maintenance costs”.

20210511 GCF SuiteR Video 1