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GCF in Münster, for the 28th IAF

GCF at the International Expo of Munster

The International Exhibition for Track Technology returns.

GCF will attend the 28th edition of the International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF) at stand M320, the biggest expo of the railway industry scheduled from May 31st to June 2nd.

In Münster, German city of about 300,000 inhabitants, in Northern Rhineland – Westphalia, the International railway expo is hosted, as in the last 6 editions, in a suitable exhibition area: 15,000 square metres indoor, at Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland, dedicated to over 200 exhibitors coming from 20 countries, 6,000 square metres of outdoor space and over 2,000 square metres of private track at WLE’s Münster Ost station.

The most innovative machines and equipment of new generation designed and built by the top international sector’s companies will “parade” at this location for three days, like Plasser & Theurer, Robel, Matisa, Cemafer, Vossloh, Kraiburg Strail, Speno, SRS Sistema Ferroviario, Scheuchzer, Kinshofer, Goldschmidt Thermit, Harsco Rampa, Autech and Liebherr.

Moreover, together with the exposition in “1:1 scale” of model trains and machinery, the Expo will propose the most innovative building technologies, in terms of services, techniques and new operating methods able to optimise performances, operational processes and results.

For decision makers, this is a unique occasion to meet the top companies in the railway sector and discover their recent and innovative proposals for the construction, renewal and maintenance of railway infrastructures. For sector’s companies, this is a key opportunity to enter the international market, proposing innovations, establishing business contacts, extending the network of partners and clients.

The International Exhibition for Track Technology (IAF), planned and organized by the Association of German railway Engineers (VDEI) is sponsored by the German federal ministry for the Digital sector and Transports, Dr. Volker Wissing, to underscore the great importance that the railway system covers as medium of sustainable transport also for the future, as stated by Thomas Mainka, President of VDEI.

Intense and interesting program that proposes, during the three days of Expo, technical exhibitions on-site, visits, events, seminars and workshops on themes concerning innovation, carbon monoxide reductions, ecology and railway solutions for a sustainable future.

Lastly, particular areas will be dedicated to young generations, with private tours for students, trainees and young railway engineers that will meet selected players of the railway sectors and above all, the “VDEI Sponsorship Award 2022”, the prize awarded to exceptional theses of young engineers of the railway sector who will have the opportunity to present them at the Expo’s auditorium.

Postponed for a year due to the pandemic, the Expo requires a green pass for admission, or a similar valid certificate. The Medical Centre located in the North Pavilion will provide Covid tests for foreigners coming from extra-EU countries vaccinated with a vaccine not approved by the European Union, in order to guarantee the safety of all visitors.

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International Expo of Munster