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GCF: the employee at the centre

GCF, a large employee-friendly company

Corporate welfare platform soon active

More than 2 million euros disbursed during 2022 in welfare bonuses and company awards. The welfare policies put in place by Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie and Gefer for their employees are a significant reality in terms of economic consistency and considerable social value. A reality that will soon be able to take advantage of a fully digital platform that will further facilitate their use.

The innovation, precisely in the year in which the Rossi Group certifies a consolidated balance sheet of more than 530 million, testifies to a corporate culture capable of grasping in the wellbeing of the employee a strong lever of motivation, belonging and productivity.

As Camilla Rossi explains from the management division in Rome: “Planning skills, executive skills, technical expertise and tenacity are the real qualities on which the growth of our Group is based. Qualities that cannot be improvised, that are the result of a strong personal and corporate investment and that constitute our true wealth, our competitive advantage”.

GCF's commitment in preparing a Corporate Welfare Plan capable of increasing productivity and work performance through personal and family well-being, has always aimed at the so-called employee retention, at a loyalty that stems from a sense of belonging to a Group, to a corporate community. "It is part of our DNA," considers Camilla Rossi, "perhaps precisely because, despite the constant growth that has led us to be the eighth largest construction group in Italy, we have managed to preserve a family style, to maintain the same contiguity with employees as 70 years ago.


'Welfare as a style', even before the term 'welfare' became commonly used in the Italian corporate dictionary or that labour policies included and facilitated the conversion of performance bonuses into welfare, acting on the tax wedge and multiplying the benefits of welfare for both companies and workers who can fully benefit, without tax erosion, from the panels of goods and services set up by companies for work-life balance, the overall improvement of work-life balance and reconciliation.

"The Aiuti Quater Decree, explains Camilla Rossi, has certainly made it possible to increase the range of welfare services and solutions. For GCF, it has meant exceeding the ceiling of two million euro disbursed in bonuses and rewards, a figure equivalent to 8% of total annual net salaries". A significant figure, indeed, because being paid in welfare services, workers were able to enjoy them without any taxation as the value of the bonus is excluded from employee income.

Now, for 2023, GCF and Gefer are ready to launch - thanks to their Edenred membership - the new platform that will enable a fully digital management of the Welfare 2023 plan, consolidating and facilitating its use.

The platform, which is easily accessible from computers or mobile devices, will make it possible to download vouchers or coupons that can be used in more than 37,000 points of sale and affiliated facilities. An extensive and varied network, spread throughout Italy and covering a wide range of services available to employees.
These range from covering the cost of healthcare services to childcare services; from assistance to the elderly and dependent persons to the reimbursement of the cost of school books, language courses, and after-school care; from shopping and grocery vouchers to conventions with gyms, swimming pools, spas, and various sports; from conventions for cinemas and travel to shopping cards also for books and cultural activities such as museums and theatres; from meal vouchers to public transport tickets and the petrol bonus for fuel purchases.

An appreciable panel which, moreover, the dedicated App will allow access at any time to geolocalise network partners in real time and instantly generate vouchers to use the credit without having to print the voucher.

GCF, Fully Digital Corporate Welfare