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Railway renovation thrills the news

Railway armament makes headlines.

Further renewed section for Brenner’s railway.

Regional news report for the Brenner's railway renovation site. In recent days, RFI has announced with satisfaction the imminent completion of the works along the Bronzolo - Mezzocorona section that has kept GCF busy for months.

"About 70 operators between those of RFI and those of GCF have been working since March at the construction site," Davide Cavone, director of the Territorial Infrastructure Operations Directorate in Verona, explained to reporters of the Trentino Alto Adige TG's editorial staff, "working five days a week, for five hours each night so as not to impact the traffic on the line."

Particular excitement in the news report was aroused by the impressiveness and efficiency of the machines put in place by Generale Costruzione Ferroviarie for the renovation site, "a real mobile construction site, a kilometre-long train of engines, wagons and machinery capable of providing for all phases of the line's renovation and rehabilitation by itself."

With the ballast rehabilitation and track renewal phase completed, the Bronzolo - Mezzocorona section will undergo final levelling and track tuning operations in the coming days to be delivered by mid-July.

"In five years, 290 kilometres of track have already been renewed," Director Cavone explained to the cameras, "and by 2025 we will have completed the renewal of the entire line, from Verona to Brenner."

The special “La Meccanica" track-laying train

A few weeks ago, on the other hand, "La Meccanica" Construction Train (above), made the headlines, GCF's powerful vehicle engaged over the years in the construction of the country's most important High Speed High Capacity lines. The cameras of TG3's Lombardy editorial office caught up with it at the Milano Porta Garibaldi station where, at night, it is engaged in the reconstruction of tracks 1 and 2. It was photographed at the Milano Porta Garibaldi station.

"These are works," Sergio Stassi, director of Doit Milano Rfi, briefed, "that make it possible to renew all the track components, making the infrastructure perform better and also allowing for benefits in terms of punctuality and regularity of rail traffic."

The unique "La Meccanica" Construction Train was designed and built ad hoc along the lines of the experience gained by GCF in High-Speed yards.
Conducting and operating the train is entrusted to a team of technicians and workers who combine extensive experience in the field with a high level of specialization. It is thanks to this combination of technology and human resources that GCF can lay 16 sleepers per minute (equal to about 9 meters per minute) and provide for the construction of new track at the rate of more than 1 km of line/day.


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The special “La Meccanica" track-laying train

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