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GCF at work on the T2 tramway line

In service by 2026 for Bergamo-Villa d'Aimè

Construction sites for the Bergamo - Villa d'Almè by the end of the year.

Executive project ready in November, construction sites open by the end of the year and first rides in September 2026.
This is the planned timetable for the construction of the T2 tramway line that will connect Bergamo to Villa d'Almè. Work entrusted to the temporary grouping of companies formed by Impresa Milesi geom. Sergio, G.C.F. Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie, Skoda Transportation and Impresa Edile Stradale Artifoni.

The contract, signed in early July with TEB (Tramvie Elettriche Bergamasche), stipulates that the grouping of companies that won the tender (176,350,782.31 euros is the final amount) will also guarantee the coordination of safety during the design phase, the supply and equipping of streetcar vehicles.

GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie will be responsible, in particular, for the construction of the track works, electrical traction and the planned electrical substations, signalling and all the plant engineering part of the project.

A total investment of 211.5 million euros is planned for the new tramway line, financed for 151.5 million euros by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport; 40 million euros by the Region of Lombardy; 9.5 million euros by the City and Province of Bergamo; and 4 million euros by the other municipalities affected by the route thanks to 3 million euros put on the table by the Bim Consortium.

The characteristics of Line T2

Line T2 from Bergamo to Villa d'Almè runs on the site of the former Brembana Valley Railway, crosses 5 municipalities and affects a population of more than 240,000 inhabitants.

The route runs 11.5 km and in the first urban section shares the route and the two existing stops (Borgo Palazzo and San Fermo) of Line T1. From the next new Bronzetti stop, an interchange between the two streetcar lines, the T2 continues along the route of the old Valle Brembana railway, decommissioned in 1966.

A total of 17 stops are planned: 9 in Bergamo, 2 in Ponteranica, 2 in Sorisole, 2 in Almè, and 2 in Villa d'Almè. The project includes the provision of 2 additional stops, planned in connection with urban redevelopment works in the areas of the former Reggiani in Bergamo and Gres in Sorisole.
For 95 percent of the route, Line T2 runs along a preferential route and in a protected area with 23 level crossings including road and crosswalks.

The entire route is double-track with the exclusion of the existing Ramera tunnel (Ponteranica) and the historic bridge named Rino (Villa d' Almè).
A number of new tunnels (Pontesecco), overpasses (S. Antonio) and underpasses (Viale Giulio Cesare) will be built along the route in Bergamo to allow streetcars to continue along the route.

The travel time from Bergamo to Villa d'Almè is 30 minutes and the service will be provided by 10 new streetcars (1 operating fleet and 1 maintenance fleet), 32 metres long with a maximum capacity similar to those in service (239 passengers) that complement the 14 on Line T1 for a total fleet of 24 streetcars that can run on both lines.
The new streetcar service will be integrated with public transport services in the urban area (bus lines in the 30 municipalities around the capital) and the suburban area of the Brembana and Imagna Valleys.

The new T2 line, which will expand the alternative mobility offerings in the province of Bergamo, is scheduled to start service in September 2026.

GCF - T" tramway line Bergamo - Villa D'Almè