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Suite Rapide to complete the Chartres - Le Mans

In Chartres the new construction site Suite Rapide by GCF

GCF-Transalp's construction site underway to renovate track 1 as well

GCF-Transalp Renouvellement's Suite Rapide in full operation for the completion of the renovation work planned by the SNCF for the very important 420 000 Paris-Montparnasse - Brest line, along the Chartres - Le Mans railroad.

The construction site - now operating for more than a month - is working this year on the complete renovation of track 1 on the line after last August's delivery of 64 kilometres of completely renovated track 2 between the stations of Theil-la-Rouge and Chartres.

The rapid renewal works are being carried out on the 100 kilometres of line between Chartres and Connerré stations, between mileage 87+137 and 186+740; 5 phases are planned to work on 9 areas: a first phase will cover the railway segment between La Ferté and Connerré, in the Pays de la Loire region, the next 4 phases, between Chartres and Le Theil stations will cover the Centre Val de Loire region.

During the night and with the blockage of rail traffic at "perfect simultaneity" on both tracks, Suite Rapide with its imposing machinery and more than 200 GCF-Transalp's employees is repairing the ballast and replacing the sleepers and rails.

An 'exceptional' construction site that last year had already attracted the interest of several French newspapers, which devoted entire pages to the event, which was considered extraordinary for the extent of the work carried out and the uniqueness of the machinery used: “a 750-metre-long workshop-train called 'suite rapide' - it was described with some astonishment - which allows the rails to be lifted, the gravel to be replaced, the sleepers to be changed and the new track to be fixed in a single pass”.

Many safety measures and risk mitigation provisions have been put in place to carry out the work, especially on the sections of the railway within the numerous landscape and bird protection areas (Natura 2000), stream crossing (ZNIEFF Type 1), rainwater collection (ZNIEFF Type2).

Particular attention has also been paid to mitigating the impact of the construction site in the vicinity of the 24 level crossings, as well as in the crossing of the numerous stations on the route and, in particular, in the platform areas used by travellers.

Finally, as was the case last year, special safety protocols have also been put in place for the conduct to be followed inside the main yard, at Le Mans, where the Matisa P95 renewal train, the Matisa C75-2C rehabilitation machine, and minor vehicles are stored and maintained, and where the storage of rails, sleepers, and ballast is located: the area was subjected to heavy aerial bombardment during World War II and it is not excluded that even today some unexploded ordnance may be found there.

The Suite Rapide construction site at Chartres follows on from that at Limoges, where on March 13th - nine days ahead of schedule - the P95 train had completed its program of work by delivering 30,159 metres of renewed track and, on March 27th, one day ahead of schedule, the rehabilitation machine had completed the renovation of 31,254 metres of ballast.

Suite Rapide in Chartres