Neurail System: predictive diagnostic Analysis

NeuRAIL is GCF’s framework conceived to respond to current remote and continuous control needs of railway assets.

Conceived in 2018, it was created according to the most modern IT and remote control techniques.

NeuRAIL is thus the “operating system” above which it is possible to install specific applications based on diagnostic modules made with “custom” sensors.

A single installation of NeuRAIL allows hosting one or more applications that can be implemented also at different times, quickly responding to the client’s needs.

NEURAIL: Innovative features and competitive advantages

NEURAIL is a highly innovative product that has clear operational and functional advantages.

The System is:

FLEXIBLE, it can be installed in cloud or on dedicated systems.

INTRINSICALLY REDOUNDED system, natively distributed and based on microservices.

HORIZONTALLY SCALABLE, based on BigData techniques, naturally integrated with Machine Learning and Deep Learning analyses.

SAFE, the natively coded data transmission with TLS v1.3 technologies guarantees the maximum standards in terms of integrity and confidentiality.

CONFIGURABLE, since it is a framework, it does not feature specific user or machine interfaces,but offers tools to customise them.

LONG-LASTING and EXTENDABLE thanks to the constant development of new applications.

Neurail GCF Screenshot1


  • Mobile Interface for maintenance operators with geo-localization function (GPS Glonass Galileo) and RFID functions
  • Alarms management system integrated with RFI maintenance processes
  • SAP integration

NeuRAIL, a modular system

The diagnostic modules and relative applications can be added, removed, extended or streamlined according to maintenance requirements, without the need to modify the infrastructure.
The system re-configuration allows excluding the sensor with any anomaly, thus avoiding intervening on-site.

  • System’s hardware structure

    System’s hardware structure

    • Acquisition nodes connected to the sensors through the ridge in optical backbone
    • Sensors connected to the backbone through plug and play connection systems
    • Acquisition nodes connected to the processing node through communication systems 3G/4G/5G or optical fibre
  • The sensors diagnostic modules

    The sensors of NeuRAIL’s diagnostic modules are:

    • Passive, in optical fibre and without power supply
    • Inert to signalling interferences and traction current
    • Magnetic and/or integrated, easily removable
    • Invisible” during the maintenance works of the Rail track and Overhead Contact Line
    • Reliable: measurement accuracy is retained over time.
    • Immune: they can be used in any environmental context, also unfavourable (mud in the tunnel, ice,
      dust, …)

Neurail: the diagnostic apps



Long Welded Rail Optical Control

Constantly monitor in time, on Continuous Welded Rails.



Insulated Joint Optical Control

Constantly monitor in real time the longitudinal movement of the two joined rail sections.

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COGI Agile

COGI Agile

Temporary Insulated Joint Optical Control

Optical Control of “specially monitored” Insulated Joint



Rail Temperature Optical Control

Constantly monitor the punctual temperature of the track



Vertical Load Optical Measurement

Measure the vertical load of every wheel during the transit of a train

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Overhead Line Optical Control

Monitor the mechanical parameters of Overhead Contact Line