MOCV: Vertical Load Optical Measurement

Neurail System: MOCV

MOCV app, developed in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, adds to NeuRAIL, the ability to measure the vertical load of every wheel during the transit of a train proceeding at controlled speed.

The measurement, based on the deformation of the rail induced by the transit of a wheel, is made by fibre optic sensors. They are passive, extremely sensitive, reliable and long lasting. The optical interrogator get data at 1kHz from all sensors.

MOCV: Composition and installation

MOCV consists of 12 (or more) sensors installed on a section of flat and rectilinear track for a length of 15-20 metres of rail. Each sensor is installed magnetically under the rail in a section whose geometrical parameters shall be compliant with those reported in EN15654-1.

The baseline configuration is composed by two triple pairs of sensors. Such configuration allows to measure the train speed with accuracy of 0.2 km/h.

Mocv GCF Neurail

Mocv GCF Neurail 02
Mocv GCF Neurail 03
Mocv GCF Neurail 04
Mocv GCF Neurail 05
Mocv GCF Neurail 06

MOCV system is designed in compliance with UNI EN 15654-1 standard and can be certified on-site in accordance to UNI EN 15654-3 standard.

MOCV: Innovative features and competitive advantages

EASY TO INSTALL thanks to the anchoring with high-retention magnets, it is possible to install the sensors without replacing the track or performing invasive operations on the existing track.

REMOVABLE through simple mechanical tool, without leaving “traces” on the track

AVAILABLE FOR LONG DISTANCES from the acquisition point

REDOUNDED, the system is able to work also after a single or double failure on the sensors’ network


Studies at various level of completion are underway, on the following topics:

  • Reduction of the measurement error below 2% on the single axis
  • Deep Learning study on the characterisation of the wave forms in transit in order to detect anomalies on the wheels

MOCV: Data and Interface

Mocv GCF: ricerca transiti
Mocv GCF: Dettagli transito
Mocv GCF: composizione treno
Mocv GCF: Composizione treno, dettaglio

GRAPHIC OUTPUT. gray: weighs left wheel; purple: weighs right wheel. Blue: single wagons; blue: front/rear carriage.

Load estimation is achieved by implementing a field-validated machine learning algorithm in accordance with EN15654-3.

Data format is compliant with EN15654-1:

  • Vertical load (force) for wheel
  • Axle load
  • Sum of the axle loads for bogie
  • Weight of the carriage
  • Weight of the entire train

It is also possible to detect measures concerning the carriage’s axial and longitudinal unbalance.

MOCV: Data sheet

Mocv GCF Neurail Table


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