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GCF Signalling:
Redi, electronic disk relay

Redi: the electronic disk relay

GCF’S Railway signalling products

REDI (electronic disk relay) is used to ensure the safety in operation of Railway Signalling Systems, mainly to detect and indicate the status of occupied/unoccupied track circuits.

REDI is compliant with the RFI DTCSTSSSTB SR IS 21 028 C requirements.
REDI is compliant with the IS402 regulations for an installation environment A5 and Group 3 in relation to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).


Interchangeability with traditional disk electromechanical relays, both 50Hz and (PSK modulated) 83.3Hz systems
Automatic detection of operating frequency
Compensating phase shift between Field and Local voltages using a calibration trimmer
Maximum Safety Integrity Level (SIL4 according to CENELEC standards)
Immunity to harmonics of traction current according to technical specification “Maschera FS 96”
Fault detection of insulated joints


Single track circuit, both 50Hz and (PSK modulated) 83.3Hz systems
• Double track circuit, on railway station equipped with BACC system, both 50Hz and (PSK modulated) 83.3Hz
• Double track circuit (V447 circuit diagram - INFILL System)
• AC Control relay in Light Signals with combined controls


  • GCF Redi Relé 1
  • GCF Redi Relé 2
  • GCF Redi Relé 3