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GCF Railway superstructures:
Construction of new lines, track renewal and maintenance

Railway Superstructures: Construction

Our experience

GCF’s story in the construction of new railway lines began in the 1970s when the company played an important role in building the first sections of the direct Rome-Florence line.

Since then, GCF has ranked constantly as a leader in the construction of new railway infrastructures, always keeping pace with the latest technology and even designing and building a special machine (La Meccanica) exclusively for rail track construction.


With our technology and tools as well as the know-how and technical skills under our belt we have faced the new challenges of High-Speed trains: over a third of the national high-speed network in Italy runs on lines and tracks set up by GCF.
In Italy over the last 15 years, about 1,300 km of High-Speed/High-Capacity lines have been installed from Turin to Milan and as far south as Salerno. The construction of east-west lines between Genoa and Milan and Milan and Trieste is also envisaged.
GCF has made its own significant contribution through high-speed construction projects on the Florence-Bologna, Turin-Novara, Novara-Milan, Rome-Naples and Treviglio-Brescia lines.

Conventional lines

Construction of conventional lines included projects to double and quadruple tracks, as well as upgrades and redevelopment of existing lines. New railway sections were implemented by GCF on the Bologna-Verona-Brennero, Bologna-Padua and Milano-Genoa-Ventimiglia lines.

Our philosophy

The quality and speed with which we carry out services make GCF outstanding.

It is just the right supplier and partner with which to carry out integrated projects on a European scale.

International projects

Construction activity is also intense outside Italy itself.

For many years by now, GCF has “exported" its work methods, organisational models, machines and qualified personnel to countries such as Turkey (doubling the Ankara-Sincan line), Morocco (Casablanca-Marrakesh) and Switzerland (Monte Ceneri tunnel).

Urban transport

In urban contexts and large metropolitan areas, major infrastructure projects have been completed in which GCF has built several sections of metro lines in Rome, Milan and Turin (Turin-Lingotto).

In the often highly challenging and innovative Urban Transport sector, GCF is currently handling two major projects in Denmark: the Cityringen Metro in Copenhagen (a light-duty loop around the Danish capital) and the Aarhus Letbanen project for a fast, light-duty tram in the heart of one of the most densely populated cities in Denmark.

Our Competitive Edge

  • Experience: we have over 60 years of excellence in the railway superstructures field.
  • Qualification: exceptionally high specialisation and organisation of human resources.
  • Efficiency: extensive fleet of machines, unique of its kind in Europe.
  • Performance: quality and speed of execution.

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