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GCF Urban Transport:
Metro/Tram Track and catenary construction

Urban transport, metro and tram

Metro and trams

The metro is almost always considered to be the cornerstone of integrated urban transport systems.

Travelling speed, high transport capacity in terms of passenger volume and low environmental impact are the main reasons behind a rapidly expanding market, even in countries where this sector has traditionally not seen significant investments.

At the same time, traffic congestion in major cities encourages the development of important projects to create or upgrade fast light-duty rail systems, as well as tram networks and especially trolley-bus/tram systems characterised by greater manoeuvring flexibility in urban congestion.

Our experience

GCF S.p.A. has transferred into these segments all the experience gained over the years in construction, maintenance, electrification and signalling sites for the main sector players in Italy: ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanese), GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti), ATAC (Azienda per il Trasporto Autoferrotramviario) e Metro Roma.

International projects

In recent years, important development projects in France and Denmark have seen GCF S.p.A. as a reliable provider and partner thanks to its organisational and operational skills as well as its machinery and equipment capable of ensuring fast, high quality execution.

Our competitive edge

The specific nature of metro and tram sites is extremely variable, thereby requiring special operating models capable of coping with and solving several typical critical aspects:

  • opening of sites in city centres;
  • logistic procurement and handling of machinery in the heart of the city;
  • underground work in tunnels, often at considerable depths;
  • the need to observe stringent environmental criteria to minimise noise, dust and vibration.

GCF S.p.A. operates with highly qualified personnel having specific training in relation to the characteristic features of each individual site. It also uses “light-duty” machinery capable of combining site performance with respect for environmental conditions necessary in city centres and project timing.

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