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Machinery maintenance

Gefer: machinery maintenance workshop

Maintenance Service

A new structure exclusively for the Railway Machinery Maintenance Service.

Skilled employees, flexible organisation and an integrated approach capable of optimising instruments and procedures to maximise results: Gefer Manutenzione operates in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards to ensure the best possible efficiency of customers' machines.

Maintenance Structure

The Maintenance structure currently boasts around twenty employees, all with proven experience, qualifications and specialisations, who equally receive continuous training in the use and maintenance of sector machinery even in relation to instructions provided by manufacturers.
The “mechanical maintenance staff“ and “electronic and electro-mechanical maintenance staff“ are coordinated by the Machinery Maintenance Managers to ensure production potential of approximately 2,300 man hours/month.

Our competitive edge

Each workshop technician is personally responsible for the routine and special maintenance work assigned to them.

Routine maintenance of machinery in this Structure is flanked, through the Machinery Maintenance Manager and the Rolling Stock Machinery Management Assistant, by activities to supervise clients’ machinery fleets involving:

  • checks of machinery safety equipment and compliance with safety standards;
  • identification of optimal maintenance solutions for the Client and the Company alike, in order to provide services that uphold budgets and implementation and delivery times agreed in contracts;
  • management of yearly and five-yearly overhaul deadlines;
  • coordination of logbook certification processes for railway machinery.