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GCF Signalling:
plant and cabins

Signalling: plant and cabins

Our experience

GCF - thanks to the IS segment - designs, builds and tests signalling plant for management and control of rail and metro traffic.

Our own Design Division boasts highly specialised tools and human resources. It is able to develop and ensure preliminary, executive and construction design of signalling systems.

GCF designs, tests and builds:

  • ACEI (Apparati Centrali Elettrici a pulsanti d’Itinerario, Electrical Inter-Locking Apparatus with Itinerary buttons) plant;
  • BACC (Blocco Automatico a Correnti Codificate, Automatic Coded Current Block) plant;
  • CTC ( Controllo del Traffico Centralizzato, Centralised Traffic Control) plant;
  • PLL control and manoeuvre systems;
  • Study and development of electronic and electromechanical equipment designed to ensure safety;
  • Electrical control panels;
  • Telecommunication and data transmission networks;
  • Metal structure work (cabinets, frames, cantilevers, gantries).

Our philosophy

GCF S.p.A. works with leading companies in the rail sector, providing specialised personnel for the installation, calibration, verification and commissioning of innovative plant such as ACC and ACCM.

Close cooperation between design and installation departments means that GCF can supply turnkey plant, thereby ranking as a single interlocutor for customers and coordinating all operational stages in the process, from construction to installation, testing and commissioning.

Our competitive edge

Our specialists provide support and maintenance for the following activities:

  • Numbering and automatic check-list for plant in accordance with the standards required by Technique Standard 717 (Italian Railway Network);
  • Technical verification and commissioning of plant installations;
  • Assistance, activation and maintenance of conventional and innovative plant.

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