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GCF Electrification:
Over head contact line, catenary construction

Electrification: Catenary construction

Our experience

A policy of significant investments and acquisitions has enabled GCF to operate in the electrification segment with people, structures and advanced technologies, as well as incorporating and optimising experience gained over the years by sector leaders.

In the railway sector, as well as in urban transport (tram, trolleybus and metro), GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie S.p.A. designs and installs, modernises or implements maintenance of:

•   Electric traction lines:
construction, modernization and maintenance of conventional systems for slow lines (3 Kv DC) and High-Speed/High Capacity lines (25 Kv AC), with traditional copper cables and/or optical fibre
•    Electric sub-stations and cabins:
for power conversion and/or transformation;
•    Lighting and drive power systems:
in railway stations and stops, tunnels, pavements, metros.

Our philosophy

The production process starts off with design in our own Technical Office through to final testing of the entire system, providing customers with a single point of contact capable of coordinating all operational stages, from procurement to on-site construction.

Our human resources and operating machines (concrete-mixing train, overhead wiring train, motorised pantograph wagon) the use of innovative processes and products (fixed catenary, omnia railway shelf) means that GCF Electrification is able to manage complex projects and operate on competitive levels.

Our competitive edge

  • More than 200 highly specialised operators.
  • Our own Technical Design Office.
  • Impressive fleet of high-performance machinery.
  • Flexible and fast operations.
  • Process and product innovations.

A GCF site: the construction of the new Electric Traction on the bridge of Venice - Mestre

GCF, the constructionof the new Electric Traction

Some Sites GCF - Gefer