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Railway superstructures:
track renewal and maintenance

Railway superstructures: Renewal

Our experience

Track renewal and ballast cleaning operations are the core business of GCF S.p.A.

We finalised operational and organisational methods in the course of renewal work on Italian railway sites that helped maximize efficiency and productivity.

In Italy, limited times (3-4 hours a day), work schedules generally at night and stringent regulatory requirements were a perfect training ground for constant improvement.

Today, GCF S.p.A. operates in Italy and abroad in all kinds of railway site requiring renewal or ballast cleaning where speed of execution and the least possible impact on freight and passenger traffic are mandatory requirements for clients.

Our competitive edge

  • Innovative methods.
  • Qualification: exceptionally high specialisation and organisation of human resources.
  • Efficiency: extensive fleet of machines, unique of its kind in Europe.
  • Performance: quality and speed of execution.

Track renewal

Replacements of the entire railway line superstructure (rails and sleepers) - during traffic interruption - were performed at a production rate of more than 1,100 metres/h.

Modular organisation of site teams, with up to 100 highly skilled and specialised operators, innovative work methods (some, such as GOP12A finalised specifically to produce the highly efficient tasks required by the French Railways, SNCF) and the fleet of high-performance machines (6 renewal trains - Matisa P95, Matisa P90 and Matisa P811) are the hallmarks of GCF’s intervention.

Railbed ballast cleaning

Renewal tasks often take place alongside ballast cleaning operations: this entails either the total replacement of the crushed stone or screening designed to separate the earthy material and irregular rubble, followed by re-arranging existing and fresh crushed stone.

GCF S.p.A. achieves this with a fleet of 6 high-performance ballast cleaners -Matisa C75, Matisa C90 and Matisa C411 capable of handling up to 1,000 cubic metres of material removed per hour.

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