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Omnia: a single System Cantilever for all lines

The Omnia Cantilever is the only one capable of meeting all the needs and applications in the electric traction field.

Based on 40 years of practical experience in the railway infrastructure field and analysis of the typical problems of traditional horizontal tubular supports, the Omnia support structure was designed and built as a permanent and innovative solution for any type of overhead electric traction line.

The Omnia Cantilever installation took place on 10 June 2009 (during a daytime interruption) on the Piacenza-Pontenure section of the traditional Milan-Bologna Line.

Today, the Omnia support structure - in compliance with the requirements of all major railway operators - is built and installed for catenary systems of all kinds:

  • Traditional 3 kV DC railways,
  • AV/AC 25 kV AC railway lines,
  • Urban transport lines - trolley bus, subway, tram.

Omnia: born to innovate

GCF: Mensola OmniaThe Omnia System is a highly innovative product that integrates into any suspension system to simplify it and improve performance.
Omnia was developed on the basis of certain fundamental principles:

  • Optimisation and simplification of geometry
  • Compliance with current European interoperability standards
  • Transit speeds of up to 250 km/h (Omnia for 3 kV DC lines)
  • Transit speeds of up to 360/400 km/h (Omnia for 25 kV DC lines)
  • Use of innovative materials and reduced environmental impact
  • Optimisation of the number of components and couplings between them
  • Easy use for variations of geometry
  • Application versatility with any type of overhead contact line and any track geometry
  • Resolution and optimisation of various issues affecting Catenary systems: Critical Curve radii, Abnormal Lifting and Sliding Areas, Resistance to Rotation, etc.


Upholding these principles enabled the Project Team create an innovative product capable of ensuring continuity between 3 kV DC and 25kV AC lines that until now was actually inconceivable. Continuity as regards materials and systems ensures simplicity, cost savings and better management of emergencies.