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GCF in Toulouse for Metro B extension

At Toulouse for the arming of the Metro

New section for the rubber-guided metro

Soon on the starting blocks, the extension of the Toulouse Metro - Line B, which will see GCF engaged in the construction of the running routes on a subcontract from Siemens Mobility.

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Neurail – MOCV debut at Innotrans

MOCV debut at Innotrans

GCF’s intelligent system that weighs trains in transit.

Official debut for MOCV, the innovative system developed by GCF that allows weighing trains in transit. The debut in Berlin, in an exceptional setting: the 13th edition of Innotrans, the main international trade fair for transport technology, scheduled for September 20th-23rd.

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Rocchetta-Potenza: electrification is coming soon

Rocchetta-Potenza: it will be electrified

Executive design in progress. Works will start in January.

Architects and Technicians have been working for three months and will continue until December, to realize the Executive Drawings. The grand Italfer project for the Electrification of Rocchetta – Potenza, final section of the railway line that connects Foggia with Basilicata’s chief town, will start. It will develop for 69 km of single-track line from the border with Apulia, crossing Vulture, and arriving until the heart of Lucania.

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