4th Italian-French forum of Family Enterprises

GCF at Italian-French forum of Family Enterprises

New stimuli from enterprises to favour collaboration and common projects

Italy and France closer and aware to be able to create together, promising prospects for the production sector. The new atmosphere of optimism and joint efforts was confirmed by the recent 4th Italian-French Forum of Family Enterprises that, upon IREFI’s initiative, gathered in Rome over 80 representatives of big enterprises - among which GCF – public and private bodies and institutions of the two Countries.

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Electrified line and Green trains for Venice-Belluno line

Belluno inaugurates the electrified railway

Historic inauguration for the lower ring of Belluno lines

Railway station of Belluno, Friday June 11th at 10:47 a.m. Italian flags and Mameli anthem sang by kindergarten students for a day that has been defined “historical” by everybody. The modern Pop 16856 train with electric traction docks at track 1 and, with its inaugural trip along 47 electrified km from Conegliano to Belluno, marks the end of an age, that of diesel rails.

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GCF acquires the historical Cenedese S.p.A

GCF acquires Cenedese

Further consolidation of the railway maintenance sector

GCF - Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie announces the acquisition of the share capital of Cenedese Spa, historic railway construction and armouring company from Treviso.
The transaction falls among the corporate development and consolidation strategic investments of Rossi Group in the national railway construction sector and in particular, in the maintenance sector.

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