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Safe together

Project “Safe together”

GCF joins RFI’s trials

Safety is achieved together. Firms and workers, contracting bodies and contractors. This is the common thread underlying the trials that RFI has proposed to railway firms for voluntary adhesion and that GCF has embodied. Scope: boost the workers’ awareness on safety and proper management of risks.

“The basic idea – explains Engineer Donato Tedesco, Manager of GCF’s Prevention and Protection Service – is to be able somehow to evaluate virtuous behaviours by assigning positive and negative scores . This way, it is possible to intervene with additional training courses where needed and therefore progressively raise the awareness and attention of everybody towards the daily management of health and safety at work”.

With regards to the topics proposed by RFI, GCF will offer in the next few weeks, some specific training courses which are additional to those regularly administered in all the sites. Moreover, by the end of the year, RFI’s team will hold a meeting at the sites object of trial, to check together the actual incidence of the training offered in relation to the workers’ conducts.

The scores assigned – points can be earned or lost as an individual or company- will have the scope to measure as objectively as possible, the results of the work performed in order to offer a “useful” feedback of the experience to the participants, boosting the perception and awareness of the consistency of behavioural responses of an individual and colleagues in relation to the value of safety.

Project “Safe together” is one of the actions promoted by RFI’s “Safety Academy” for a “safety Culture”.

The topic of the proper management of risk factors and assumption of effective conducts to prevent fires at work is essential and at the basis of the proper management of safety.

GCF Safe together