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New GCF’s site in France

GCF railway restoration in Chambery

for the rehabilitation of chambéry - st andré le gaz

Rail renovation in full swing for GCF, which in France is preparing to start a new construction site along the 903 000 Chambery - Saint-André-le-Gaz line. A single-track section that has particular problematic features due to the mountainous morphology of the area and the resulting design articulations.

Already the subject in 2018 of a rail renewal intervention in "Suite Rapide," the line now needs a maintenance action aimed, above all, at the replacement of about fifty sleepers, the rehabilitation of the ballast in multiple exposed sections for a total of 3876 meters, and the levelling of the track.

These days GCF is in the process of equipping the base of operations, which, as in 2018, will be located in the north, at Culoz station.

This is where the mighty C 75 resurfacing machine will be housed and warehouses will be organized for storing sleepers and ballast, as well as areas for loading materials and disposing of replaced elements along the line.

"The presence of tunnels and trenches," explains Sabino Carbone from GCF France management, "as well as some sections with accentuated percentages of slope, makes the intervention rather delicate. The Safety Plan, drawn up ad hoc and containing detailed operating procedures and stringent behavioural norms, will allow us to deal with every possible risk situation and prevent possible accident opportunities”.

The work will start on Monday, October 9th, and is expected to be completed by the end of the month. Works will take place at night, Sunday through Thursday.

On the construction sites of GCF France

Meanwhile, while the work of GCF-Transalp Renouvellement's Suite Rapide along the Bordeaux - Irun line continues in Aquitaine, the main activities of the "regeneration" site of Line 695 000 Bourges - Montluçon, the first French contract awarded by GCF as principal, are being concluded in Auvergne.

Launched on July 10th, the renewal activities carried out by the Matisa P95 train came to an end in mid-September - delivering 27389 metres of renewed line - while the C 75 resurfacing machine concluded its intervention about ten days ago after working 14 309 metres of ballast. The Matisa B45 is currently at work on the line, which by mid-November will tamp and level the track.

Below are some suggestive photos taken with the drone by Arthur Heine, chef GCF de secteur of the Montluçon shipyard.

GCF France 01 0041.jpg
GCF France 02 0042.jpg
GCF France 03 0970.jpg
GCF France 04 0039.jpg
GCF France 05 0028.jpg
GCF France 06 0036.jpg