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Rigid catenary for the new Lavis underground station

The new railway link equipped with a rigid catenary

The new variant on the Trento-Malé route in Trentino completed

Lavis, Trentino: the official inauguration will be held soon for the modern, innovative underground railway variant equipped by GCF – on behalf of Trentino Trasporti – with a rigid catenary.
This highly innovative project was launched two years ago and is part of the development policies implemented in the Trentino Region for an effective intermodal transport system serving the valleys and tourism.

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The RFI railway workshop is now fully operational

The RFI railway depot in Mestre is now operational

Innovative solutions from GCF for servicing trains high speed

It consists of approximately 250 metres of track raised on posts for each of the 4 lanes and a fully equipped shed covering 8,500 square metres with an innovative removable rigid overhead catenary. Lit during the daytime by over 1,000 powerful LED lights, the modern maintenance depot built by GCF and commissioned by RFI for trains high speed in Mestre is now fully operational.

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A mobile lathe for GCF's rolling stock

GCF's mobile lathe, the only one in Italy

GCF's MobiTurn: the first mobile lathe in Italy is used for the first time.

Four articulated lorries, eight lifters each weighing 35 tonnes, a massive computerized and motorized lathe, the only one of its kind, and a team of specialized technicians. At Sacile, in the worksite next to the station, GCF's “MobiTurn”, the first mobile wheelset lathe in Italy, has been used for the first time.

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