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Berlin: the world showcase for railways

Innotrans, world crossroads for the railway sector

Positive debut for GCF at Innotrans 2018

A huge showcase and a marvellous occasion for meetings. The 2018 edition confirmed the international leadership of Innotrans, the show that every two years transforms Berlin into a hotspot for high-end business involving railway and transport technologies. A worldwide crossroads that this year also saw attendance by GCF, the leading Italian railway construction company which welcomed operators and decision-makers, proposed innovative solutions and met representatives of new markets on its own stand.

A multitude of qualified operators over the four days of the show visited more than 3,000 exhibitors from 61 countries who fully occupied all the 41 halls available in the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, representing top of the range of products and services in the mobility sector while also proposing 400 innovations, 155 world premieres and 155 vehicles.
More than 161,000 international operators arrived from 149 countries, with over one-fifth of visitors from Asian countries. Companies and operators in public and private transport, producers and suppliers of transport technologies, construction companies, sector professionals and consultants, public administrators, government authorities, ministries, associations and business and research institutions, media operators: an opportunity for everyone to exchange ideas and do business, an occasion for awareness and advance news about the solutions that mobility technologies will open up in the near future.

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