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Safer railways with REDI

REDI, GCF’s electronic disc relay

The new GCF’s electronic disc relay

REDI tested and homologated Electronic Disc Relay manufactured by GCF is ready to debut in the national and European railway market.

It will be used in Relays Rooms, replacing electro-mechanical relays currently in use, to ensure further safety in the operating logistics of railway (IS) Signalling Systems..

Designed to comply with the requirements set forth by RFI DTCSTSSSTB SR IS 21 028 C and IS402 standard for A5 installation environment and with regards to EMC and EMI compatibility for Group 3, REDI has obtained the homologation certificate on January 30th by RFI’s Technical Department.

“It’s a key step – explains Marco Renzetti, engineer of GCF’s Research and Development Department – that rewards the efforts made during months of design, testing and trials to develop a fully compliant, efficient and safe solution. Now, with the first supply contracts, REDI debuts on the field”.

The new Electronic Disc relay presents many advantages, starting from the inter-exchangeability with current traditional disc relays of electro-mechanical type, in 50 Hz and 83.3 Hz systems with PSK modulation. In addition, among REDI’s points of strength, there is the automatic recognition of the frequency, maximum Safety Integrity level (SIL4, pursuant to CENELEC standard), and the identification of faulty insulated joints.

“We are proud - says Alessandro Rossi, GCF’s Director of the Technological Systems and Innovation Department - to be able to include REDI in the catalogue of innovative products developed by our Research and Development Department, also thanks to the important collaborations with research companies and institutes. Together with Omnia Dashboard, rigid Catenary, dynamic weighing systems and other solutions, REDI will significantly contribute to the innovation and safety of the railway industry”.

Lastly, REDI complies with the safety requirements set forth by European Directives 2014/35/EU (LVD) and 2014/30/EU (EMC) and, thanks to the EC label, it can be launched on the railway markets of the entire European Union.

For additional information about REDI’s technical specifications and applications: see technical sheet