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The confor railway engineerstest has been launched

The confor railway engineerstest

Second level master’s degree: applications by January 15th

Over 400 Master graduates working in the railway sector with primary roles.
During its 16 years of existence, the second level master’s degree in Engineering of infrastructures and railway systems gained an outstanding “business card”: a placement of over 90%.

The Contest is ready for the edition of school year 2020/2021, with deadline set for January 15th.

La Sapienza” University in Rome proposes the sought-for Master, in collaboration with Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato and with the support of the main stakeholders of the railway sector.

The approach of strong integrations with the companies that support it underscores the educational efficacy of the second level master’s degree and, at the same time, the arising interest in this course, with over 200 applications presented in average during the last 5 editions.

Also in its 17th edition, the Master is destined to second level graduates in Engineering, preferably -but not exclusively- boasting skills in electric engineering, electronics, IT, mechanics, safety and transports, however it is open to a larger number of faculties: aerospace engineering and astronautics, biomedicine, chemistry, civil engineering, building systems, automation, telecommunications, nuclear energy, management, naval engineering, engineering for the environment and the territory.

The training goal is to offer a multi-disciplinary scientific specialization course in the sector of railway transports and the entire mobility, in order to allow participants to acquire suitable knowledge to satisfy the needs of administrations, railway companies, engineering firms, research centres and sector’s enterprises and industries.

Information on the University Master

The Master will consist of a full-time course of 7 months, from February to June 2021 with lectures, group works and educational visits, while workshops at firms will be held from July to September. The final test, with discussion of the project elaborated during the workshop, will be held in October 2021.

The study course, of 60 credits, consists of 12 teaching modules for a total of 480 hours of training- held by the teachers of the University and Managers of partner companies – consisting of lectures (presential and/or on line, in Italian and/or English), seminars, project works, visits to construction sites and plants. 250 hours of workshop at partner companies are also foreseen. The lectures will begin on 23rd February 2021.
Many topics will be covered: Technical principles and railway economy, portable and fixed systems, traction systems and vehicle dynamics, Design of infrastructure, circulation technique, management of railway safety, planning and service quality, programming and legislation concerning railway works, passenger and freight terminals, fright transport and logistics, evaluation of the interventions and environmental impact. Enterprise culture.

Maximum 35 students will be allowed to the Master, selected based on the evaluation of their titles and an admission tests aimed at assessing technical, language (English) skills and psychical-aptitude abilities. The registration fee is 3,000.00 Euros. The partner companies offer 30 scholarships of 3,000 Euros to the first students admitted to the Master course.

The application must be presented by the candidates by 3:00 p.m. of 15th January 2021, exclusively ONLINE at website:

Information concerning the application can be found on the Contest regulation and website of the Master:

Download the brochure.