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Suite Rapide moves closer to its goal with its two C5 work sites

Last 2018 sites for GCF Suite Rapide

Renewal work is in full swing for the last work sites in 2018

Another 160 kilometres of renewal work for the last two GCF work sites in France. Work on the fifth work site for 2018 has begun over the last few days in both Lots 2 and 3 of the TransalpRenouvellement consortium. It is now in full swing and involves two powerful Suite Rapide convoys recently boosted by the purchase of high performing trains and machinery.

Suite Rapide, Lot 3 - work site 5: work under way in Brittany

For Lot 3, once the Reims work site had been completed, the train-workshop was quickly moved to Brittany to start renewal work on the double track section between Rennes and Dingé, along line 441.000.

By Christmas, approximately 46 kilometres of track are due to be renewed and work will involve screening, tamping the railbed and track stabilization. This section of track, which is not particularly long, will be approached with maximum attention paid to safety: the line goes over 13 level crossings and through four stations.

“Vis-à-vis” surveillance procedures will be implemented to ensure that the work is carried out with maximum safety in order to protect workers, train drivers and passengers and commuters waiting on the platforms.

Suite Rapide, Lot 2 - work site 5: up to Pyrénées-Atlantiques

The development of Lot 2 on line 650.000, between Toulouse and Bayonne, covers a much wider area from Haute-Garonne to Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

110 kilometres of double track line will undergo complete renewal work which will include additional levelling by tamping machines and profiling machines.
Special care will be taken in the sections of line alongside four high risk sites classified as “Seveso” because of the massive presence of toxic substances such as ammonia and chlorine used in the industrial plants in the areas of Boussens, Saint Gaudens and Lannemezan.

The main work is scheduled for completion in mid February whereas the additional finishing work should be completed by mid March.