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Conegliano - Belluno: electrification completed

Electrification of Veneto – MonteBelluna basin

The works greeted with pride by Veneto Region

After the electrification works on the Conegliano-Vittorio Veneto-Belluno axis, with the introduction of the summer schedule in June, it will be possible to travel from Venice to Belluno without switching train. The President of Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, greets the conclusion of the works in a press release.

“The direct Belluno-Venice railway line - states with pride Veneto Governor - will no longer be a dream thanks to the electrification works of the lines that involved Conegliano-Vittorio Veneto-Belluno axis. Indeed, from June, with the introduction of the summer schedule, it will be possible to travel from Venice to Belluno without transits and changes thanks to the conclusion of the works by RFI. It will be possible to travel on modern electro-trains that are being introduced by the Veneto Region on all regional lines with innovative service contract, in addition to the renewal of the fleet by 2026”.

The completion of the electrification works of the 40 km section of railway line that connects Conegliano with Belluno mentioned in the press release published on regional media, constitutes an important step of RFI’s “Belluno lines low-ring electrification” project and a remarkable goal for the railway transport all over Veneto.

“We will add an important element - stated the Governor in the press release and to regional media - to Belluno ring: an electrified railway line that will connect Belluno to the main provinces of Veneto. In a few months, it will be possible to provide a better railway service to the citizens of Belluno and tourists, not only in terms of environmental sustainability, thanks to modern POP electric trains, but also in terms of reduced travel times and comfort. Faster, and in many cases without the inconvenient ‘train switch’ in Conegliano, Venice Mountains will be more accessible from Venice”.

The works, assigned by RFI to a temporary group of enterprises led by GCF, have currently involved three railway sections – Bassano del Grappa - Cittadella - Camposampiero, Castelfranco Veneto - Montebelluna, and Conegliano – Vittorio Veneto – Belluno for overall 92 km of line with single track along which 62 km of electric traction line were installed, with 440 square mm section and the remaining 30 km with Electric traction line of 320 square mm section.

Now we are continuing with utmost efforts – also dealing with new difficulties due to the health emergency – on the west arch of the railway ring along the Treviso-Belluno section. The works will end by 2024: “Everything will be ready – announced President Zaia to welcome the Olympic and Paralympic Milan-Cortina games 2026, in five years”.

“When all the works will be completed, travelling by train departing from Belluno, with destination Venice or Padua, will take place without ‘breaking the load’ - explains in details in the press release, the regional councillor of infrastructures, Elisa De Bertiin Conegliano, Venice and Montebelluna direction towards Padua. Indeed, with regards to the railway connection on Padua-Belluno axis, the service with electric motorization has been operating since last December along the Padua- Castelfranco Veneto-Montebelluna section”.

Press release of Veneto region